License #491653 ● Bonded
442 222 0416 ● San Diego County

Email: lifetimeshowerpans or galengarcia8 at gmail dot com (use phone for schedualing not email)



The CERAMIC TILE INSTITUTE OF AMERICA strongly recommends hot tar membranes and recommends against other types: WATERPROOF MEMBRANES FOR SHOWER FLOORS


Galen Garcia

As you can see by my license number I've been around for quite some time, thirty years and more than 30,000 showerpans. Although we've had employees, we now do all the work ourselves in order to ensure 100% control over our quality.

Galen apprenticed with Showerpans by Curry starting way back in 1979 working all over the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas. While working there we qualified for and received our contractors license. In 1986 we relocated to San Diego and opened up our own business.

Our clients have included Joan Kroc, Helen Copley, Janet Jackson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Charles Shultz, Sammy Hagar, Gov. Jerry Brown, Alex Spanos, Jenny Craig, Eugene Klein and Pete Rozelle and many more.



  • Slope all showerpans and tubs 1/4" per foot to drain. Over this base we POUR and TROWEL a layer of 500° hot tar. Since we pour and trowel tar rather than just spreading it with a mop our pan floors are up to 2x thicker than standard mopped pans. We believe our showerpans are more resistant to damage.
  • Over our slope we lay 3 plys of 15# felt sandwiched between 4 layers of 500° hot tar. We reinforce all corners (including seat corners) with fiberglass netting sandwiched BETWEEN felt layers.
  • Although our trade is called hotmopping we rarely use a mop. We use a trowel almost exclusively leaving corners and sufaces extra tight, neat, and square.
  • Due to the thick floors and square corners tile setters love working over our showerpans. We believe we are the best but we are always trying to improve our quality.
  • Weepholes left opened and clean.
  • We are super neat. On remodels (a specialty) we use hallway drop cloths through the home. We use blue painters masking tape and cover all necesary areas near the shower. We dispose of all our debris. We like to leave the work area cleaner than when we arrived.
  • We are courteous to homeowner and contractor alike calling on the phone when we are in route to your job and we call immediately if we are delayed by traffic.


  • We work anywhere in San Diego, San Clemente and farther out into the desert regions
  • Our list of clients includes most of the best home builders in San Diego.
  • We've worked on many of the most luxurious homes in San Diego County in areas like Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Fairbanks Ranch, La Jolla , Mission Hills, Vista, Oceanside, Scripps Ranch, Escondido, Bonita, Leucadia, La Costa, Encinitas, Poway, Chula Vista and all of the rest of San Diego County.
  • We've also worked for UC Berkeley, University of the Pacific and Pt. Loma Nazerene College.