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Preparation Instructions


Recommended drains

Curbless shower preparation

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Checklist image for showerpan preparation

How to set a drain to avoid extra charges Recommended drains

Below is a picture of a showerpan seat. NOTE: blocking must extend out on the sides and above the seat. (This shower is filled with water for testing hence the reflections at the bottom of the picture.)

On a normal shower with three 2x4s stacked for a dam its best to use 2x10 BLOCKS between the studs.

Below is diagram of showerpan, morter and tile.

We currently recommend Oatey drains sold at all Home Depot stores. The bottom flange glues to your ABS pipe and is thin and flat so that its easy to set on top of a plywood floor (no need to rout out the floor) or slightly embedded in concrete. They have screw holes so you can attach them to the floor and insert your pipe from below.

These come in chrome or bronze and sell for around $25 with a height adjustable grill.

You can also buy one without a grill for about $10. Home Depot sells a variety of custom grills.

Grills come in 4"x4" or 6"x6" sizes or linear (long) in several larger sizes running from about $40 up. They also come as invisible drains like the one on the bottom right. Insert a tile into the fixture and there is no grill but it still drains. These also have hair catchers which seem to be popular with wives.

A varitey of grills are available for each size.


Zurn and California Faucets also make superior cast grill drains, and we like them a lot, but a good Zurn or California Faucet drain will set you back $150 or so. There are multiple decorative grills available for California Faucet, Zurn and Sioux Chief drains.

We also recommend standard black 2 piece ABS plastic drains. They do not melt and are easy to install. These drains are acceptable although both have fairly limited amounts of pressed metal grill designs.

If you have a cast iron or copper pipe, Homedepot sells a cast iron drain (right below) with a rubber collar that will adapt to a 2" pipe. CALL US BEFORE YOU INSTALL THEM if you have any questions. The rubber should be used with mastic, as they are prone to leak at the joints. The leaks are easy to fix but better to get it right BEFORE you have the problem. You'll sleep better.

Currently we are recommending you AVOID adjustable ABS and PVC drains with CONCAVE lower flanges like the drain below.

I charge $20 extra for the extra time and care their poor design demands. These come with GREEN tops. Terrible design.

We find the upper clamping rings bend, which defeats the purpose of the ring. Note how the clamping ring sits down INTO the l CONCAVE lower flange. BAD DESIGN this causes paper to CRIMP. The bolts are small and inadequate. We can do this drain right but there are far better drains. These usually have a hair catcher.


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We need a solid surface when ever possible, however we do carry sheet metal to gap over plumbing bays etc. The below job expertly prepared by Women in Construction whom we highly recommend.

Image of shower properly prepared for showerpan installation

All showerpans must be filled to the top of the dam with water overnight. In general you will do this as it takes some time for our showers to cool. A plug must be inserted into the drain PIPE so that that the drain/pipe joint is also tested. This joint is not tested during pressure tests because it is an EXTERIOR joint. We try to carry plugs and supply them for free for the convenience of our customers but we cannot carry all sizes or guarantee we will have them.

TIP: Make sure your plug will fit through the opening on the TOP half of the drain after the testing. Some plugs are too large to fit through the grill area. I CANNOT DO THE JOB if you are watertesting with a sausage drain plug.


Below photo of a correctly prepared lower drain with mortar bed slope and plug. I generally prefer to slope the pan myself because its usually done incorrectly. This showerpan was sloped the traditional way correctly. The edges are even corner to corner, the slope is smooth and ends at the TOP of the BOTTOM flange. The flange is left clean so I don't have to beat concrete off of it.
Image of correctly installed drain