License #491653 ● Bonded
442 222 0416 ● San Diego County

Email: lifetimeshowerpans or galengarcia8 at gmail dot com (use phone for schedualing not email)





DRAINS: Incorrectly set drains... our BIGGEST problem, its actually easier to set a drain right, how to set a drain

General Preparation instructions: see navigation bar above or click here

CALL US IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: We'd rather get it right BEFORE we drive across town, and find we have to delay your job.

CALL EARLY: 3 - 5 working days minimum, we don't pay people to sit on the bench, its very difficult for us to cancel an appointment with another client so we can work you in when you call us 2 days before you need your showerpan, sometimes it means cancelling and rescheduling multiple clients. Its really a bummer to drive from Oceanside to Alpine to Imperial Beach 3 days in a row when we could have scheduled one day for each area. Sometimes it is necessary but gas, depreciation and time are money, help us keep our costs down.

GET US IN BEFORE YOU SHEET ROCK - we understand, your sheet rockers might ruin the pan SO cut a piece of sheetrock to fit the pan and protect it, cut a hole for the drain... or leave water in it when you water test it... or use some carpeting to protect it... ITS YOUR MONEY DOWN THERE

  • Its hard to see what we are doing in the dark - even with drop lights, we can't do the kind of quality work you need in darkness
  • With no ventilation we choke - tar smoke obscures our vision especially in the dark, windows are frequently closed off due to visqueen/stucco
  • We inevitably have to remove sheet rock - sheetrockers rarely know where we have to apply paper/tar, we have to comply with codes - we are not in the demolition business, sometimes we charge for it
  • We need a clean place to work, rubble and sheet rock mud interfere with our work, we have to clean up after other workers - not our job
  • Stucco scaffolding and piled sheetrock blocks our access - carrying boiling buckets of tar is dangerous, please don't make it worse - sheetrock stacked right in front of a shower blocks our access to our work area
  • Showerpans are part of the rough plumbing - would you call your plumber to do rough plumbing after sheet rock? Some inspectors don't know showerpans are part of rough plumbing. But trust us, they are. They are not finish plumbing.
  • If your drywall guys damage the showerpan CALL US IMMEDIATELY- we might not even charge to repair the showerpan if we are in the area, and we probably will be - if you give us a few days. If we have to drive a long way on short notice we will have to charge for our time and gas


: v )

We cannot park our truck and kettle "down the street" or in no parking zones. Try to save us a place, tell your laborer who parked his Tercel right in front of the work area in EVERYONE'S way to park down the street. Leave room for TRUCKS.

We go up stairs, we do not climb up ladders through windows with buckets of 500 degree boiling death. No amount of money is worth getting burned to death. We carry dropcloths, we are extremely clean and we are insured so don't worry about tar on your floors. The smell from the tar is not dangerous and goes away in a few days. We try to minimize it when we can by closing doors and opening windows. We also generally tape off SMOKE ALARMS, so if there are smoke alarms, keep it in mind, turn them off or let us know so we can tape them off or close doors.


We try to be competitive, we want to keep our clients happy and making money, but the more problems multiply the more likely we are to charge extra. We don't work with boiling hot tar for kicks folks.